Yarn Untangled

Help a cute cat in Yarn Untangled

If you are looking for an adorable puzzle game, Yarn Untangled is one where you get to unravel a bunch of yarn, as a cute little kitten. Lots of yarn balls are all connected with strings, and you need to make it so that none of the strings are crossed.

Yarn Untangled

You can do this by clicking and dragging the yarn balls around. Strings that no longer cross will turn pink, instead of being red, so you can easily see what is still tangled and what is fine. In Yarn Untangled, each time you move a yarn ball, it counts as a move. The more moves you do, the less trophies you get for the level. When your yarn is untangled, it turns gold! 

However, these trophies are just for your own internal knowledge, really. They aren’t used for a rating or to unlock anything. Once you complete a level, you can just move onto the next one! And there are plenty of levels in Yarn Untangled, getting more challenging as you continue forward. At the end of the level selection screen, there is also an unlimited level, which is pretty neat.

Yarn Untangled

The unlimited level allows you, the player, to pick how many yarn balls are in the level (from 6 to 20 yarn balls) which you then can untangle yourself. Just like every other level, there is a movement counter and a trophy counter given at the end of the level, ensuring this level does feel like all the others.

Yarn Untangled is a fun game to dive into, with enough levels to keep you busy for quite some time. The adorable and easy to understand visuals elevates this simple concept, making for an enjoyable and challenging experience. 

You can play Yarn Untangled in your browser, on Armor Games.

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