Word Wheel by POWGI

Word Wheel by POWGI relies on you knowing lots of words

When it comes to word based puzzlers, the developer POWGI is releasing games on Xbox every single week it seems. These games all make you think! So I dived into Word Wheel to see what it was all about.

Word Wheel feels like a mobile game I have played before. In the middle of a wheel of letters, there is a special letter. This letter needs to be used in every single one of the words you form. You can form these words by selecting the various letters to spell the word then submitting them. The word will appear at the top of the screen as you create them.

On the right hand side of Word Wheel is a bunch of blanks, divided into sections based on the letter count in each of these words. They are also in alphabetical order, if that helps you to figure out the words that you are missing! As you fill in words, this area will fill up, though several levels have bonus words as well, that aren’t listed, and instead are added to a counter at the bottom.

Word Wheel by POWGI

Word Wheel by POWGI is a challenging game. There are a lot of words that can be found in each level, and over time it becomes hard to remember to use that centre letter in every single one of them. There aren’t any hints, but at the same time, there is no timer. You can even leave the level and come back later if you’d like, though it will tell you the most challenging word there!

It’s a family friendly game as well, so any sort of naughty words are often bonus words or not accepted at all. Some levels, we tried words like Spain and Spanish, and also found those didn’t count towards anything, which was interesting as we really though they would work. Word Wheel by POWGI is a great mind game, if you are working on your spelling and ability to create words.

You can purchase Word Wheel by POWGI on Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PC (through the Windows Store).

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