WooLoop is a relaxing, yarn art game

When I was younger, there was a big trend of creating yarn art. This was done by creating a picture, then hammering small nails into a wooden board at key points in that picture. Next, you’d need to wind yarn around these pegs, to create a picture. It is something that hurts your fingers and seemed like a big bit of art. WooLoop has taken this concept and made it far more relaxing!

WooLoop already has all of the pegs for the picture out on the screen, wanting you to use your yarn to create the picture. Relaxing music plays in the background, there is no timer or real issue if you make a mistake. It’s a relaxing puzzle game where you need to start making your way around the picture. I often find myself starting at a peg that already has a direction icon under it.


You see, there are little arrows and lines showing how you need to wind the yarn to create the picture. Some pegs need to be circled around several times, while others just need to be passed over. When you have finished with an action, the next few actions show up on the screen, allowing you to see where you will be heading. To see exactly which one you need to go to next in WooLoop, the arrows and lines are blue, while others are faded until they need to be used.

There are tons of different pictures in this game, all displayed on a menu. You can choose some towards the top, which are often ones with less winding to do, but you are also free to try any of the other levels; there isn’t an unlocking system or anything like that. If you do make a mistake when winding yarn, a big X appears over that peg, allowing you to re-wind what you are doing and then correct your path. It’s a colorful, relaxing game that brings you beautiful pictures from what just look like dots on the screen at first.

WooLoop currently has a free demo as apart of the Steam Next Fest, and is planned to be released in 2023. You can wishlist it right now.

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