Tiny Tiles

Tiny Tiles is peaceful world building

Creating an entire world can be quite the task, but in Tiny Tiles, it feels so peaceful and fun to plonk down bits of the world and see what grows and changes. These tiles are very cute in their design and creating a world with them is just fun to do!

Tiny Tiles

When it comes to the gameplay of Tiny Tiles, you do have a limited number of tiles on the screen to fill with your world and you cannot choose what tile you will need to place next. You can rotate the tiles around though, to help with placement. Connecting oceans to oceans or forests to forests makes them bigger and often gives you points. These points are then displayed at the side of the screen, on a circle that, once filled, will give you more space to place more tiles. So, you will need to carefully place tiles so that you can continue to grow.

When you hover a tile over a space, it does a good job of highlighting what will connect and showing how full the bar is for that individual area. If you connect only grass to grass, you will actually end up maxing out that biome, and not gaining more points for it. Your world wants to be a variety of different biomes, houses, and spaces, that are connected together to create something that people might be able to live in and enjoy. 

It’s interesting watching the world develop in Tiny Tiles, and it doesn’t feel bad when you finally run out of spaces. Instead, you get to view the world, navigate around the map you have created, and then start again if you want. It might just be the music or lack of “Game Over” and instead a peaceful “the end”, but it just feels really peaceful and fun to play, especially as you learn how to unlock more and more tiles.

Tiny Tiles is free to play in your browser.

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