Tiny Fragments

Tiny Fragments has you moving the world

Tiny Fragments is a puzzle platformer where you need to get a little character to an orange. This may sound like a really easy task, but in this game, the screen is cut up into different fragments; squares containing bits of the level. The little character can move to these different fragments, but many include dangers that need to be avoided.

Tiny Fragments

So, you need to move the blocks around, so that the character can find their way to the fruit! There isn’t much control of the character directly; you can make them turn by running them into a wall or an edge. You can switch the different fragments in Tiny Fragments at any time, and grabbing one will pause the movement of the little character. This means you can time movements to be done once the character is on the block you want to move or right before they move onto the next one.

Timing is often the key in the levels of this game. Soon, more challenges start to appear as well. Specific blocks have a lock on them, which could be unlocked so you can move them if the character finds the key. Others do not have a key in the level, and are frozen, for you to work around. You might see spikes that will kill your character or holes that will force your character to fall down to a new area, which require more planning and thinking. Some areas do not allow the blocks to be put in the empty spaces, giving you less land to work with and less area to move them around in.

Tiny Fragments was originally a Ludum Dare game, which has been continued to be developed beyond the jam, adding more levels, content and polish to the game. The developer has set up a Discord server as well, where you can give feedback and follow the development of Tiny Fragments closely.

You can play Tiny Fragments for free on itch.io.

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