The White Door

The White Door is unsettling but captivating

Classic point and click adventure games are full of puzzles. The White Door is another entry into the Rusty Lake world – a collection of games that all feature the same point and click style, as well as morbid worlds where something isn’t quite right. If you like one of the games from this collection, you are sure to like them all. 

The White Door has you playing a character called Robert, who woke up in a mental facility. You must then follow his daily routine and help him get back his memories at night. The room you are in is simple, with only a few things to interact with. Your daily routine also doesn’t change much; eat, clean yourself, answer some questions as part of your check up, play a brain training game, eat dinner, have some recreational time, go to bed.

You can sometimes check out other items in your room or visit the bird at your window, but otherwise the day is pretty much the same. The puzzles, questions you answer, brain training, and recreational time does change daily, adding a bit of variety, and sometimes other things happen in the world too – like a rat getting in and your body turning into a strange monster.

The dreams that you have, replaying aspects of your life, add a story to why you are here and what has gone on in your life up until this point, but this facility also has more going on than meets the eye. The White Door feels captivating, you want to know more about what is going on, and there are so many clues everywhere.

The White Door

The puzzles themselves in The White Door come in a variety, from pipe puzzles to dominos to discovering the answer to loads of questions, you will be attempting to figure everything out to get out of here. Things take a dark turn towards the end of your time at the facility, showcasing a whole new light in this daily routine, in the strange place you have ended up.

You can find The White Door on, Android and iOS.

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