The Confounding Calendar

The Confounding Calendar is open for submissions!

The Confounding Calendar is currently taking submissions for it’s second addition! In the seasonal tradition of Advent Calendars, the Confounding Calendar is a completely digital, free, online advent calendar that is full of games. Specifically, puzzle games – giving you one bite-sized puzzle game to try out each and every day of December.

These games are shared on an page, with a new game being added each day of the month, so you can check back to see what games have been added whenever you want! There are some restrictions to the games being entered into the Confounding Calendar. Each game will be one screen and one level only, which makes all of them completely playable in a short amount of time and fit in well with the concept of Advent Calendars.

To make the games all flow a bit better to each other, they use a specific color palette, provided by the submissions page and each of the games are playable in browser on specifically. This sort of technicalities does help keep things seemless!

While there is no theme for these games, they should be a “puzzle” though it can be any interpretation of the word puzzle – and the game page encourages experimenting and trying out new mechanics! We are looking forward to seeing the submissions for The Confounding Calendar – the deadline for submissions is November 30th, so if you are going to enter, you should start soon!

You can enter your game or check our requirements on The Confounding Calendar’s page.

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