The Adventures of Wolf and Hood

The Adventures of Wolf and Hood brings new light to fairy tales

One of the most classic types of puzzles are, well, puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles – taking individual pieces and putting them together to create a picture. Looking at the edges to see where they connect and using the image to understand where they may go. The Adventures of Wolf and Hood contain a bunch of digital puzzles, all based around fairy tales.

At the start of the game, you are able to choose how big the puzzle might be. The smallest option is 24 pieces with the largest being 249 pieces, and there are several options in between. You are very briefly shown the puzzle itself before all of the pieces come out of the frame, scattered along the outside. You can then put them all together.

The Adventures of Wolf and Hood

The Adventures of Wolf and Hood showcase a beautiful picture once the puzzle is finished. There are little animations and details that are just wonderful, and much more than a physical jigsaw puzzle that you could have on your coffee table. The lines are removed as well, showcasing a more full picture. You are given a short description of the picture, which seems based on fairy tales, but with a twist. Characters who are unlikely to work together are now doing so, characters that often are known for not doing much are actually heroes now. It’s a very cute take! You can also zoom in and move around the picture if you’d like.

This jigsaw puzzle game is relaxing to play through, with so many different puzzles and options. I love the nod to traditional fairy tales, the puzzle pictures are really stunning, and the game is just fun. It’s much easier to store these puzzles than having physical boxes as well, which is a big plus. You can always go back to a previous puzzle and select a different size or re-do the size you did if you want!

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