Swim Out

Swim Out navigates a pool of other people

Going swimming is something that most people are familiar with. When you are swimming around, there are often other people, moving and interacting with the water. In Swim Out, this concept is made into a game, with the pool turned into a grid-style layout where you need to think before you swim.

You play as the blue swimmer in Swim Out, and you need to start at your opening position and make your way to the ladder to get out of the pool. This is done by selecting a space and then moving into it. The only issue is everyone else in the pool. If you move into a space that has another person, showcased in red, you will then reset. These characters also move, after your turn, meaning that they can move into you, resetting you as well.

Swim Out

As you get deeping into Swim Out, you will start to find fish, crabs, and other animals that can stun you or other swimmers, as well as waves that push out, which can do the same. Pools move to lakes which move to beaches, with bigger water, more people, and larger things to avoid. Some swimmers take up more than one space, some move more than one space per turn, so there is a lot of thinking and being aware of what is around you.

Along with having things that can run into you or others to stun them, there are also objects in the water that you can collect, holding them in the one slot in your inventory. You can then take that item, and at any point, throw it at another swimmer. When selecting the object, you can see how far you can throw it. These objects often stun the other swimmer for three turns, giving you time to move around it.Often, these objects will be very much needed to complete the level – it’s just figuring out who to target.

Swim Out is a challenging yet mesmerizing game – watching the swimmers and animals move around, seeing their swimming patterns, all is just very fun. Some levels have more than one pool, some levels are in different locations, and all levels do bring through a lot of challenges.

You can find Swim Out on iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox One.

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