Superliminal is a perspective bending puzzler

Superliminal is a strange, world bending puzzle game where you must find your way out of a dream world, where perspective is used to solve puzzles and figure out your way through. This game requires thinking in a way that you’ve probably not thought about before, through perspective and growing items. 

When you first start Superliminal, it feels like something is off. You’re traveling through strange rooms that feel like they are part of some experiment, coupled with the narrator who is giving you slight information while telling you that they aren’t actually there to help, is really just strange. It’s almost like you have been put into this strange world for these tests.


These tests are puzzles. The first thing you need to master is being able to make items in the world grow. This is done by bending the perspective; grabbing items and walking back, to make them take up more space in your line of vision, then letting go of them. You can create ramps out of cheese and make blocks or signs giant with this method, finding your way through levels and doors that may be too high for you to reach at first. 

You can shrink items with the same sort of method, by making them have a smaller perspective, which can then fit into windows and onto buttons, triggering new areas. Soon, you start breaking out of these rooms, hearing how frustrated the robot is, and finding your way through rooms that are less sterile and strange. The perspective puzzles change, making you connect up object pictures, and then pull the objects once you have them all lined up, to then use them to get further as well.

Looking around everywhere and ensuring you do not miss anything is key to Superliminal. It’s a game where you need to constantly think about other perspectives and understand that everything can be manipulated in this world! Superliminal is a puzzle game worth picking up and spending time with, as the puzzles and optical illusions are ones that bring a unique challenge!

You can find Superliminal on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Playstation and PC.

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