sugar (game)

Guide bits of sugar to their cup in Sugar (game)

Bart Bonte is one of the most prolific puzzle game creators, and he has just released new levels for a game called Sugar (game), which has you diverting sugar, which is sprinkling down, until the various cups are full.

It’s a rather simple concept, Sugar (game). Cups on your screen showcase a number on them, which are the number of sugar crystals that need to be in the cup. You will then need to draw various lines on the screen to then divert the sugar to the cup. There is no limit on how much you can draw, but sometimes you might draw something that’s not quite perfect.

In which case, you can restart the entire level. As you continue through the various puzzles, you will start to encounter levels with more than one cup. You can decide to split the sugar that is coming out of the spout or draw a line to divert the sugar until one cup is full, then draw another line that moves the sugar to the other cup. Soon, buttons appear in game that can mess with gravity – and you will learn that sugar that goes off the bottom of the screen will appear in the same spot at the top. Eventually, you will need to change the color of the sugar so that it is the correct color for the correct cup. It’s a while thing.

sugar (game)

These small mechanic introductions continue to add to the levels and create more unique, fun levels. The graphics in Sugar are simple and clean, everything is easy to understand. It’s a simplistic game that just brings pure puzzling to your device, so that you can draw and see where the sugar ends up! There isn’t a timer or any limit on anything, so you can work your way through the levels at your own pace, whenever you want. It’s also not too hard to guess when the pile is big enough to fill the cup either, if you are piling it up before using a button to help it go into the cup!

You can find Sugar (game) on Android or iOS.

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