Star Stuff

Star Stuff has you commanding robots and saving the universe

Starting your new job at the star factory, you will be playing a young alien, looking to code your own bots, collect stars, and save the universe! Star Stuff is a quick and quirky puzzle game where you are able to program robots to help you out, while exploring a massive world full of different mechanics and puzzles.

In Star Stuff, you start off doing everything yourself. Moving boxes, pressing buttons, and trying to collect stars! There has been some sort of disturbance, which has caused a bit of worry from the people who seem to be guiding you. Soon, however, you start to get robot helpers that you can control.

Robots are controlled in a drag and drop area of the screen. You are able to pull commands from a bank into that drop down, which will then highlight the room and allow you to select an area. When the room is highlighted, different blocks or buttons then have a letter that you can type in so that your robot knows where they are going. There are commands to pick up, drop, wait in areas, and more so that you can get around to where you need to go.

In Star Stuff, you cannot move until the robot is programmed and ready, which means that you need to be quick or have lots of waiting times with your robot. As some are unable to wait, you can actually zoom around quicker and rewind time, if needed! Programming is actually really simple and straightforward – and once you have played your sequence, you can then re-edit it, so nothing is lost, which is great for trial and error.

Star Stuff

Star Stuff then opens up to a massive world, full of levels that you can take on as and when you want too. This world is really fun, as you can move around and see the puzzles around you, in a really fun way. It’s just a cute and fun puzzle game with factory aspects to it!

Star Stuff is looking to release next year. At the moment, you can wishlist the game on Steam, play the free demo, and join their Discord to follow development.

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