Sonority is a beautiful, musical puzzle game

Sonority takes a beautiful world, full of ruins, and allows you to use the notes that you have learned from listening to creatures or finding instruments to change the world. Playing as a young girl who is named Ester, you are looking to help your friend find a music teacher that can really help. 

Within the ruins, there is a raccoon, convinced you cannot understand him, that seems to not want humans there. That’s okay, however, as you are good at finding ways to keep up with the racoon, past all of the singing stones littered around, and make your way forward into new places.

The puzzle elements of Sonority come through the musical notes that you are able to learn and keep in your inventory bar. These notes can be placed in stone pillars, and then you can stomp specific stone symbols to watch the musical notes cycle through, following the lit line that appears from the stomping space out. These notes have an effect on the ruins around them. Some sequences of notes move ruins up or down, spending on exactly where they are placed. Others need to follow sounds, so that you can open an area.

As you get deeper and deeper into the ruins, Sonority becomes more challenging, with more notes and more pillars to take on. You will need to remember what the various note sequences do, as they start to rotate ruins and create new pathways for you to take, as long as they are in the right order. If you do get stuck, you can search around for golden emblems, which can then be placed into a different type of stone pillar for a hint to guide you further. 

The story of Sonority is continued to be told, through various voice-acted cut scenes that happen between locations, giving a great reward and a small break between the puzzles that you will be coming across. It’s a really beautiful, polished game that has a lot to offer for those who love puzzles and who love whimsical stories with quirky characters to follow.

You can play the demo of Sonority on Steam.

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