Sokocat combo

Sokocat – Combo bundles up Sokocat Islands and Sokocat Dungeon

Sokocat – Combo is a combination pack of two, individual Sokocat games. Sokocat Islands and Sokocat Dungeon. Both of these games follow the same general tone – they are isometric, 3D puzzle games where you need to push blocks around and get them onto specific, lit buttons in order to pass the level.

Sokocat Islands seems to be the first of the two games made, with less details, graphic polish and general challenges than Sokocat Dungeon. It’s actually where the combo pack starts you off as well. In each level, there are blocks that can be moved around and lights that need to be covered. Once you have the blocks in the right place, you will then be transported into the next level.

Sokocat Combo doesn’t have any sort of timer or star system, so you can go through the levels at whatever pace you want. Add on the relaxing music, and you have a pretty relaxing puzzler. You are able to pivot the screen, rotating it left or right, which can really help with those who struggle with isometric level design, and there is even a hint system where a ghost cat will appear, and move by move, walk you through the entire puzzle if you want.

Sokocat combo

Sokocat Islands is on islands, out in nature, full of lush green grass and big rocks. Where as Sokocat Dungeon is, as you may have guessed, in a dungeon. What put us there? Why are we trying to escape? Who knows. The graphics in Sokocat Dungeon looks slightly more polished, with animations as doors open and you are allowed to walk through. Dungeons have traps, which can end up killing your cat, if you are not careful of spikes and arrows!

There is also something interesting going on with items you are granted as you play. At first, there aren’t any items, but you can sort of see silhouettes of items on some of the levels. If you make it to that level, you are then given that object, to use as you continue your journey. The first item is a boomerang, which you then can use to throw and trigger levers, which change the level. Sometimes chests feel impossible to get too, adding so much more challenge to the game.

Sokocat Combo is really well designed, especially in the Dungeon pack, which is my favourite of the two. There are just a lot of well made, fun to figure out levels – and having the ghost cat to help whenever I am stuck, at no real cost to me, is always great!

You can purchase Sokocat Combo on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Playstation and individually on PC.

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