Six Cats Under

Six Cats Under deals with death and ghosts

Ever wonder what your pets would do once you have passed in? In Six Cats Under, you are able to become the ghost of your past self, an older cat lady, and play around with your cats! Though it will take more effort, as a ghost, to get their attention.

Six Cats Under

You see, in Six Cats Under, the cats cannot see you as a ghost. Most of the objects that we have in our human world are too heavy or too hard for you to move around. So, instead you need to find items that you can influence and interact with, in hopes that you can have a few more moments playing with your furry friends. Discovering ways to interact with these pets are the true puzzle element within Six Cats Under. You can find yourself getting your pets to uncover new items or help you do small tasks that then keep the others interested.

The ghost of yourself also has something to say about every object. A little description about each individual cat you have left behind, some words about the family photos on the wall or about the scent of the litter that you have on top of the cabinet in your bathroom. Every detail is well thought out, with some adorable moments as you get a cat to watch some cooking shows you use to like and another to play around with some toilet paper. 

Though it can be tricky to interact with the cats in this game, there isn’t a real end goal or ending to the game. It’s up to you when you move onto the next world, leaving these little cats behind. But I am sure, you will find it in your heart, to discover a way to interact with all of the pets in your home at least once before leaving!

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