SCHiM has you navigating through shadows

SCHiM is a unique puzzle game where you play as a shadow spirit, looking to hop around the world, while staying in the shadows of objects around the map. You see, in this world, there are tons of different shadow spirits, all looking to stay connected to their own shadows.

As you move around the world in SCHiM, you will find yourself jumping from shadow to shadow, following any moving shadow as it takes you to a new portion of the map. Figuring out your way back to your own shadow is the goal, but you can meet a lot of other spirits and see a lot of things around the map before you make it there!

Some objects can even be adjusted, allowing for greater shadows or to fling your spirit further on the map, making bigger jumps. SCHiM is a very unique puzzle platforming game, with a beautiful, abstract world that is just lovely to discover. Some jumps need to be made within specific time frames, some objects need to be quickly followed and used to help you get further, and no matter what, you must avoid getting stuck in the light!

If you do get caught in the light, you currently are just reset to the last solid shadow that you have spent time in, for a moment, so that you can try again. There is a lot of thinking behind each move, figuring out where to go next and remembering what areas you have already explored. SCHiM is intriguing and a game that I am currently keeping a very close eye on myself, as I want to play this entire game once it is done and get my spirit back to their thing!

SCHiM does not have a set release date yet, however, you can request access to their playtests through SCHiM’s Steam Page.

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