Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed has you re-arranging a town

When it comes to planning out a city, there is a lot to keep in mind. In Satisfaction Guaranteed, you are looking to understand the needs of the town, and also individual needs of the animals who are going to live in the homes you are moving around.

You see, the mayor is busy doing mayor stuff, but was elected based on being able to re-organise the town and ensure that all of the villagers were happy. This is something that he simply has no time to do, so instead, you are going to need to do it. In each level, you have a display of the different animals that live here. They all have speech bubbles by them, to showcase that they are waiting to talk to you.

Once you are ready, you can talk to them to find out what neighbors they want to be near or be away from, as well as what types of terrain they like. Some animals like to be near water, others don’t want to be near the forest, etc. Once you understand their needs, you will then need to swap tiles to decide where they go. Satisfaction Guaranteed allows you to move most of the tiles around, apart from the ones that have tape around them, as the greater town didn’t want those areas to be moved. 

Swapping around tiles will help the animals become more happy, which is shown by hearts appearing. If you move a tile and they don’t like it, their happiness will go down. At any point, you can refer to your notebook to get the quick likes and dislikes from animals you have spoken too, so you don’t need to go back in and talk to them all over again – which is handy!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed is a fun puzzle game, with a lot of information that needs to be gathered before you can start the puzzle aspect. Moving around tiles is easy and makes sense, and finding the right place for each animal is fun! The mayor still comes to talk to you, and the strange stories these creatures are telling do bring a charm to the game.

You can play Satisfaction Guaranteed for free, in your browser, on

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