RYB is minimalist colorful puzzles

RYB is a colorful and interesting puzzle game, where you are given a shape and need to figure out what color each of the segments should be. This game is described as a combination between Sudoku and Minesweeper, creating something entirely new and interesting to play. These different puzzles are challenging and really make you think!

Each level of RYB showcases a shape, that’s segmented. On the slide of the screen, you have two or three colors in dots. At first, to learn how to play the game, you will only have red and yellow, but over time, more colors will start to appear on the side of the screen, creating even more challenging puzzles for you to solve. But, how do you know where to put these colors?

Each of the segments of the shape also has colored circles, which show which colors are touching that shape. You can use these clues to figure out how to color places near them, which sometimes reveal more colored circles for you to follow. Sometimes, however, it is a bit of guesswork in RYB, and for that you have three hearts. If you guess the wrong place, you will lose a heart. If you lose them all, you will have to restart the level.


RYB is a really interesting puzzle game, especially as you continue to gain colors and have more segments in each of the individual puzzles. Some of them are really tricky and challenging, taking a few different tries before I was able to solve them! It’s interesting seeing what I missed and spending a moment seeing exactly why a color didn’t work. I also really enjoyed the different, colored in segments, which are so bright and fun!

You can play RYB, for free, on PC or iOS.

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