Roll the Cat

Roll the Cat is adorable Sokoban-styled puzzles

When it comes to block pushing games, there have been tons with different themes. Some are more adorable than others, and I found Roll the Cat to be the cutest as of late. That doesn’t mean the game itself isn’t challenging or hard to accomplish.

In Roll the Cat, you have a bunch of chunky cats in your room, who need to be put to bed. They will not make their way to their little cat beds on their own, and instead need you to push them into bed. As they roll around, like a giant ball, you can see their expression change. Once they make it to a bed, they instantly close their eyes and curl up to go to sleep.

It’s really cute to see all of the cats go to sleep before you, the character, fall to the ground and take a big, tired breath. As you get further in the game, more cats will be living at your home, and you’ll need to figure out how to work around them to get the cats into the right place.

Your apartment is actually quite small, so as you get more cats, you might end up needing to roll them on and off their beds, to get them into the right place. Roll the Cat continues with the challenge as it adds cat tunnels, a toy which pushes cats from the entrance to the exit, not allowing you to use any of the tiles that have the tunnel itself on it.

Even with these challenging puzzles, it’s so satisfying to see the cats all asleep on their bed. In between some of the levels, there are hand drawn story screens, that have the cats waking you up or little moments with them, providing a cute little reward to split up the various puzzle filled levels. You always seem to be woken up in the middle of the night by your cats, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can find Roll the Cat on PC, Xbox and Playstation.

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