Railbound is simple concept, polished and well made

Railbound is a really simple, sleek looking puzzle game where you are trying to get train carts back to the front of the train, in the right order. This may sound like an easy task, however, the various train carts may not have any tracks to ride on, and you’ll need to design it’s path.

Gameplay wise, Railbound is very easy to understand and play. You can use your mouse, dragging across the spaces on the field, to create a path. The little train carts show which way they move, and will follow whatever the path is. If you are looking to create a path that has a specific turn if you come from one way, you can swipe for that. It’s really intuitive and makes a lot of sense when you play. You can also delete specific tracks too, so that you have more to play around with.

When it comes to the visuals in Railbound, the world is really beautiful. Each of the different areas have different mechanics introduced. There are suddenly tunnels that you can move your cart in, to have them appear at a new location, for example. Buttons trigger barriers that will stop trains unless they are open. All of these new mechanics are introduced in an easy to understand, well paced way too.


In the menu of the game, you can follow the levels’ path, as well as take on some extra levels if you want a bit more of a challenge in a specific area. These levels aren’t required, but are there, which is always a good option, especially if you get stuck on the main route and need a bit of a break from the main level to clear your mind. Everything about Railbound is clearly though through and well made, making for a game that I am really excited to see released!

Railbound currently does not have an estimated release date, however, there is a free demo on Steam

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