Puzzletronics: Digital Infinite

Puzzletronics: Digital Infinite has you adjusting lines and nodes

Some puzzle games look complex, but can be much easier depending on how you want to play. I found that Puzzletronics: Digital Infinite is one of these types of games. Described as a jigsaw puzzle, Puzzletronics: Digital Infinite has you trying to put together a bunch of pieces, to light up an end tile – the only issue is, these pieces are a bit complex.

Whenever a new piece is added to the game, you get told about it. You have nodes and splitters, lots of terms that I associated with electrical circuits. The triangle gates that are within the game are something I do not understand in the slightest how they work, but there is one common goal; light up the square tile. This can be done without fully understanding the pieces, due to how the game works.

You have at least one button at one side of the screen, which cannot be moved. There is normally a very obvious dead end, where you need to put the square piece you are lighting up. Then, you just need to follow the lines and use whatever other pieces you have to connect everything up. Once everything is connected, often the end piece lights up. Otherwise, you just need to flick the buttons around for a bit, and you’ll find you have solved the level.

I am not sure if Puzzletronics: Digital Infinite is meant to be like this, or if I am meant to actually understand what these different pieces do, but I find it quite relaxing to follow the lines and then light up the end bit! Sometimes there is a bit of trial and error, especially when there is more buttons for the level, but otherwise it’s pretty straightforward. I do wish when you solved a level, the game would pause for a moment and maybe show you how the electricity moves from the button to the end goal, that way I could have a better understanding.

You can find Puzzletronics: Digital Infinite on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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