Puzzle Pupper

Puzzle Pupper has you feeding some long pups

Little games that have cute animals are one of the best on the internet. In Puzzle Pupper, you are actually looking to feed your doggos, who primarily want their bowl of food. These foods are actually often quite far away, and the dogs themselves are like giant worms, where their bums stay in place and as you drag them out, they become snake-like, taking over the screen.

Though this may sound like something that’s not adorable, it actually is. Dragging around the dogs heads are pretty easy, as they just go wherever you pull them, as long as there is space. Over time, you end up with more than one dog to bring to their matching, colored bowl. There are a few treats, in the forms of giant meat on bones, throughout the levels as well. These can be collected for more hearts at the end of the level.

Most of the levels in Puzzle Pupper has two or more dogs, and sometimes they do get in each other’s ways. You can find other levels have holes in the ground, that allow the dogs to go underground and appear in another hole, though you will need to find the right entrance and exit hole for where you want to go. This sort of challenge, and some trial and error, quite quickly make Puzzle Pupper more challenging. Then, they start to add in rivers that can move your pupper in a specific direction – adding even more challenge.

There is a lot of really cute, small details included in the game as well. Whenever you click a button on the menu, the game gives off a little squeaky toy noise. And you can always see the dog’s tails wagging as they wait for their food or start eating! Puzzle Pupper feels like a fun, cute puzzle game that is easy to understand, but hard to master as you end up with more dogs to manage and less space to move them all around.

You can purchase Puzzle Pupper on itch.io (which includes a Steam key!)

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