Putty Putter

Putty Putter is not golf-like at all!

When it comes to block pusher games, I always feel like I have seen them all. I feel that there is so little that could surprise me, and then I started playing Putty Putter. Assuming this was some sort of puzzle golf game, I was really pleased to find it is a whole new type of block pusher game!

Putty Putter is a pretty simple concept. You need to push the ball into the end hole. However, these balls have different numbers on them, and your character, which is a cube, needs to be at least as big as the number of the ball for it to be pushed. You can get bigger by holding down one key and pressing an arrow key in the direction you want to grow. The thing is, as you grow bigger, you are growing all of you (as long as there is an available tile) in the direction you are pushing.

This means you will need to think about how many squares in a direction you might need to actually push the ball into the hole. That’s not all, however, Putty Putter also has some hazards, for fun! If you push into these hazards, you will die, but you can move them by pushing blocks or the ball into them. 

Putty Putter

Putty Putter also has walls that do need to be moved from time to time, and you will need to be the right size to move them. You slowly become a blob that takes over tiles of the level, trying really hard to just get the ball into the hole. I found myself having to undo moves and completely restart often, as I needed to change my shape. There are so many possibilities that it does take quite some time to figure out the right way to grow so that you can finish more complex levels.

Putty Putter is coming later this year, but there currently is a free demo on Steam. 

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