Vote for the Best Puzzle Game in the Pocket Gamer Awards 2022

The Pocket Gamer Awards 2022 have passed the nomination stage and are now onto the voting stage of each category. The category we are highlighting today is Best Puzzle Game, of which there are nine mobile puzzle games that you can vote for, to receive the title of Best Puzzle Game of 2022! Let’s take a look at the nominees!

Please, Touch the Artwork

Please, Touch the Artwork is a simple looking puzzle game where you are actually trying to use abstract artwork to find your love. There are a bunch of different paintings featured in the game, inspired by Piet Mondrain. the puzzles themselves are often about changing the colors of the lines or making your way to the other side other side of the painting. There is also story elements twisted into this puzzle game!


You know those physical, puzzles where you need to move a ball that is trapped, around series of puzzles? Automatoys is meant to be a digital version of that, but with a few more features than you’d see in the physical toy this is based on. You can push, pull, and twist your way around this puzzle box, trying to get the ball to it’s finish line. It’s a really interesting take on a childhood toy.

Crux: The Great Outdoors

Crux: The Great Outdoors is a puzzle game inspired by rock climbing! In this game, you are grabbing onto rocks, then quickly moving forward to a new grip before you slip and fall down. There are a bunch of different levels, some with you slipping to your death and others slipping onto a mat, depending on the level itself. It’s a relaxing game otherwise, with nice backgrounds and lovely music.

One Hand Clapping

One Hand Clapping is a puzzle platformer where you are depending on your ability to follow music! You see, in this game you are actually building the levels by singing or humming, to make them appear. You don’t need to sing complex songs or burst out in song if that is something you are concerned about, instead you can just hum notes and work your way through the game that way!


AlchiMerge is a merge-based puzzle game where you are looking to create a larger kingdom, combining things so that they create more things. You will be running your own potion ship, merging items so that you can get ingredients to build new potions. Then, you can decorate your shop to attract more customers as well.

Text Express: Word Adventure

Text Express: Word Adventure is the only word puzzle game in the voting. In this game, you are stringing together letters to fill up a crossword puzzle. The background and graphics are lovely, making this feel like a crossword puzzler full of life. There are in-game currencies for hints, of course, and a narrative story to bring everything together.

Square Valley

Square Valley is a puzzle game about building a world with the best placement, within a grid. There are a lot of different levels, with different requirements for you to build; houses, rivers, farms, oceans. You will then be scored around what you have built, with the goal to create something perfect.


Broki is a puzzle game about exterminating the seven deadly sins! The game itself is based on blocks, where you place different shapes of blocks on a map, sort of like Tetris. The game is very simple to play,, with lots of different levels to go through and discover. It’s a simple looking game, with a good progression curve!


Railbound is a charming, train-based puzzler that we reviewed the demo of! This game is all about connecting different railways so that your train will connect at the end, with the right numbers in the right places. Along with the cute and colorful worlds, there is also a story about doggos, which enhances the gameplay itself.

You can vote for your favorite puzzle game right now in the Pocket Gamer Awards!

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