Piggy Gambit

Piggy Gambit is a quirky combination of puzzle games

Piggy Gambit is one of those games that is dripping with charm. There is just something about the seamless mix of different puzzle elements, cute piggy character, and references to the developer themselves that comes together to make a game that really makes for something unique and captivating.

You are a little pig in Piggy Gambit, who wants to collect some weird card at the end of each level, in search for who they are and what the meaning of life is. This is done through a large number of levels – which have all sorts of different mechanics to learn and master. At first, you will be getting to grasps with the objects in the level; axes cut trees, bombs explode rocks. You can then use these different objects to manipulate the world and collect the cards.

Then, Chess pieces are added. These Chess pieces can be pushed off the level, into the water, but soon a new color appears, representing the other player in a game of Chess. Again, you are just a pig, so you can move your pieces into play and then watch them all move around, step by step, playing any moves until they run out. Anytime your Chess piece is crushed, it’s removed from the level, but if it crushes the other colored ones, they are also removed.

Levels are really tricky in Piggy Gambit, and it’s fun to see the different characters and objects that animate and move around. There are also robots that can be controlled with buttons and monsters that will run at you and eat you if you do not move fast enough. You can trick enemies in your environment to help you as well.

Piggy Gambit also has a story element to the game; you are a pig looking for the meaning of life. In between each of the levels, you will talk to an NPC that can give you vague clues about what is coming up or even tell you about your life. There are references to the version, new patches coming, and to the fact that you, yourself, are a test model that might be updated later. It’s silly and funny to read.

Piggy Gambit is set to release next year, but you can wishlist it right now on Steam. There was a demo out for the Steam Next Fest.

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