Pathways: Slide Puzzle Game

Pathways: Slide Puzzle Game is sleek and well designed

Pathways: Slide Puzzle Game is a minimalist block sliding puzzle game where you are looking to connect a bunch of paths, through moving the cubes around. These cubes move sort of like a Rubix cube, going all the way left or right, in their line. 

Moving around the cubes, you will need to connect the various lines. This is something that looks simple at first, but over time becomes much more complex. Pathways has a limited number of moves you can make per level, which is displayed at the top of the level, and you’ll need to restart if you run out of moves. There isn’t any star rating or any sort of score, so you can restart as many times as you want, really.

Pathways: Slide Puzzle Game also has a hint system that shows you where the various pipes will end up at, showing you where they should be placed. This grid starts off as a 3 by 3 but can grow and become a much bigger grid, giving you more of a challenge for you to take on. You’ll need to really figure out how to connect these pipes so that they can then all join together.

With such simple gameplay and graphics, Pathways comes down to the pure puzzles that you are taking on. These puzzles are lovely, they are well created and feel satisfying to finish, especially if it takes a turn or two to get things in the right spot! There are a bunch of levels that can be showcased through long trails on the menu, much like most other mobile games, giving a feeling of progression.

Pathways: Slide Puzzle Game is a simplistic yet well designed mobile puzzle game, which allows players to dip in, play a level while waiting in line or during commercials, and then play the next one when you have another free moment.

You can download Pathways: Slide puzzle on Android and iOS

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