ParaPerspective is a world-bending puzzler

ParaPerspective is a puzzle platformer where you have a simple looking level, however it’s all fragmented. You are able to spin the world around, connecting pieces that are the same color, to make new paths. Some levels have one character to guide, while others have several – and your goal is to collect all of the X’s on the ground to move onto the next level.

ParaPerspective is a minimalist game, showing you just the platforms that you need to move around and click together. You are able to shift this world, and watch them connect – which is the basis of quite a few of the first levels. The game slowly introduces more than one character and tricky platforms, that take a lot of shifting about and moving to really understand.


If you reach the end of a line, you can fall into something below, moving a character to a new area that way. The idea and concept behind ParaPerspective is really simple, but the levels themselves force you to think in different ways, trying to figure out how exactly to get your character to the X, so that you can see the next area. The level select in this game is also adorable, giving you a simple version of the levels, that you do not need to rotate, to move around in. You can see what the level is, as the small platforms are shown floating around, giving you a little preview of what you are selecting. These previews look far less daunting than getting into the level!

ParaPerspective also has a level editor in the game, where you can make and share your own levels, giving other people the challenge of trying to solve them. This system looks pretty easy to understand, allowing you to grab blocks from an inventory and change the color, while moving them around to place them wherever you want.

I found ParaPerspective to be one of those super challenging puzzle games that requires you to think in a completely different way, seeing the world in many perspectives so that you can better understand what you can and cannot do. Despite the clean and simple look, there are lots of little animations that feel really satisfying, especially when connecting two bits of platform by moving the world, and watching them do a little CLICK.

ParaPerspective doesn’t have a set release date, however you can play a demo on Steam as apart of the Steam Next Fest.

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