Paper Trail

Paper Trail allows you to fold and manipulate your world

If you want a puzzle game that has a stunning world, full of interesting puzzles that will make you think and change the world around your character, Paper Trail is one such game to keep your eye on.

Paper Trail is a top down puzzle adventure game that has you leaving your home to go off to university, on your own. However, this entire world is on bits of paper, which you can fold and tear to create new paths and find your way to new things around the map. This unique way of thinking, as the level will have portions of the map changed around on the back of the paper which you can fold, will surely take some getting used too!

In Paper Trail, there are a lot of characters that live in your village, who you can interact with and learn their stories. Some need help, which you can provide if you want. When you fold your land around, you are unable to fold any area of the map that your character is in, so placement and moment are really key things to keep in mind.

Having two worlds that you are able to connect in part, through folding them on top of each other, is a really fun and interesting concept. Combine this new and refreshing idea with a beautiful world, charming story, and relaxing environment, and you have a very fun puzzle game that you can end up spending all of your time in. Trying to help a townsperson after a storm or talk to an older woman about her life serves as great rewards to figuring out how to manipulate the world. There seems to be lots of secrets to find in Paper Trail, and lots of the world to explore, as long as you continue to make your way to university.

Paper Trail is currently planned to be released in early 2023, but for now you can wishlist the game on Steam.

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