Orgynizer has you creating the best orgy

When you are hosting an orgy house, there is a lot of different things to take into consideration, so that everyone has the best possible time. In Orgynizer, you are the host, looking to ensure everyone has a wonderful time. It’s worth nothing that Orgynizer has a safe for Youtube / Work mode, as well as the general way the story is meant to work, so you can pick how explicit you’d like your game to be.

When you start a level in Orgynizer, you are given a group of people, and eventually a group of kinks. These individuals have a few traits, as well as a list of requests. These requests can be for specific people, specific kinks, specific traits or just not to have a host of things. You will then need to choose what room they go in, who they go in a room with, and if they get any of the kinks.

Once you feel that you have placed everyone correctly, you can then start the party. The screen will, room by room, light the object or person up as green if it fits, then give you a score. If all of the rooms are well done, you’ll get a higher one, but if too many are red, you will need to restart.

As you get deeper into the game, Orgynizer has a lot of different requirements per person, and it does start to feel like you won’t be able to get everyone completely happy – but through moving them around and reading well, you can end up with a high score.

You can purchase Orgynizer on Steam. The game did have a demo as apart of the Steam Next Fest.

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