Orbibot brings physics and logic puzzles to the sky

If you are looking for a challenging, movement based puzzle game that is likely to make you rage quit at least once, Orbibot is one such game. You play as a robot who is in the shape of a ball, needing to move around levels and solve both logic and physics based puzzles along the way.

Despite being a robot, you are about as helpful as a marble. There are no grabbing hands to catch you at the last moment, you cannot turn yourself magnetic, you are stuck, moving forward, on strange levels created in the sky. Often moving forward is not that simple; you will have blocks and balls that need to be pushed in place and summoned into existence, you will have really hard tracks to balance yourself on, and you will end up falling out of the sky more than once.

You can push things off of these platforms in Orbibot, which will reward you with achievements, and often if you do actually need the items you can spawn more in. There are checkpoints in the game, which are amazing if you can make it to them! I did find myself raging out of the game more times than not though. 


Though you do play as a robot, there isn’t any sort of talking or narration to help you through the game or tell you why you are stuck in the sky doing this. There is a hint system, but often I found the real struggle I was having was my own ability to balance on platforms or not move too quickly off of the platforms. There are also little block-looking cats that you can collect around the level, which add an extra challenge and always risk falling off! Orbibot is a really challenging, but quite interesting puzzle game that has a lot going on!

You can find Orbibot on Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

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