Created in the NEZ Emulator, Oopi’s Quest is a little block pushing puzzle game that you can play right in your browser. The game itself is simple; you play as Oopi who has a quest to do in each level. Sometimes it comes in two parts, other times it’s one little task. These tasks often have you collecting up little green aliens or pushing carts into the right place.

Oopi's Quest

All of the levels show what tasks you need to do at the top of the screen. Once you have completed them, you can go into your space ship and then fly to the next level! In the levels where you need to move the carts to specific areas, they will actually disappear when they hit the white, cart looking wall that you need to place them on. This is something you need to remember, as some later levels will need you to use the cart before you disappear it to some other part of the universe.

Oopi’s Quest also has you collecting little aliens for some of the levels – once you grab them, they disappear as well. Other levels have slippery tiles that cause you to slide until you hit a wall, empty space or a cart. Soon keys are then added to levels, giving you big locks that you need to unlock with the keys, to get into that area. Like most block pushing puzzle games, you do need to think about the path that you want to take before pushing these blocks into a dead end or into a space where they may get stuck.

Oopi's Quest

Though there is no new mechanics in Oopi’s Quest, it does feel like an NES game that you might have had on your Nintendo as a child, but elevated. It’s a lovely little puzzle game, that’s well worth checking out, especially if you are a fan of running ROMs.

You can play Oopi’s Quest for free, in your browser or download the ROM.

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