Only One

Only One has simple, unexplained puzzles

Only One is a new puzzle game on mobile, which feels to me to be in the style of Bart Bonte’s puzzle games, where you are given a screen with no explanation, no information, but left up to you to figure out what you need to do from there to solve the level.

These puzzles are quite different, with the first few using the number 1 as a main focus, but others simply not. Some puzzles have you getting rid of everything on the screen, others have you opening locks (and the code isn’t 111 like in other puzzles which come afterwards), and some have you solving sliding puzzles. 

If you take too long on a puzzle, you will be given a hint that you can use. This hint can straight up tell you what to do, or be an abstract way to solve the level, which is completely dependent on what level you are currently on. Only One does have a large amount of puzzles, though they do not feel synced together in any specific way. 

Only One

Some puzzles have you flipping your phone upside down, others have you flicking stuff off the screen or finding the number one in the dark. It’s a game where the next level is something completely new. If you are looking for a game that will give you a new challenge each and every time you decide to take on a level, Only One is good for that. You can easily play a few levels then put the game back down, and not need to know what you’ve previously solved to solve the next one. It’s not too challenging, not too difficult, and can be played slowly over time, making it a good game for mobile.

I do wish there was something connecting the puzzles or something that made everything feel like it belongs in the same game, but for a game full of puzzles, Only One is not too bad.

You can find Only One on Android and iOS.

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