Move 'n' Bloom

Move ‘n’ Bloom is an adorable, flower-growing puzzle game

Planting flowers has never been so challenging, but in Move ‘n’ Bloom, if you are up for the challenge, you will be rewarded with some cute blooms! This block sliding puzzle based game has you attempting to connect up three seeds at the same time, so that they can form a nice little garden.

Move ‘n’ Bloom is a tricky puzzle game, as every moveable block will move when you select the direction you want them to move too. If two of these blocks are then next to each other, they will bloom, leaving the third block to cry on their own. This is devastating, obviously, so you will need to think through your movement.

Each move you take is actually saved as a polaroid on the side of the screen, so you can look back on it. It’s a really cute idea, and when you move back a move, these snapshots fall to the ground, discarded. As you get deeper in Move ‘n’ Bloom, you will start to have more than one set of seeds to bright together, hazards like lava to avoid, and items to push around. Ice can really keep you stuck in place, unless you push portions of the ice into lava, in which case they will eliminate the lava and break the ice block so it’s no longer there.

Move ‘n’ Bloom also has seeds that are asleep, forcing you to knock them to get them to start moving, pots that can be pushed around the area, and tiles that you cannot connect on, as there isn’t soil there, so no flower beds can bloom. This game has a great amount of animations and details put into the movements and graphics. Splashes of animations as you finish the level or as the flowers come together, really feel beautiful and rewarding. 

Move 'n' Bloom

If a level is particularly hard, you can burst open a scroll to see the details inside, which will give you the first few movements that you will need to take in this specific puzzle. On the menu screen, you can normally pick between two levels, so if you really need a break, there is a different puzzle to take on instead. Move ‘n’ Bloom is a beautiful and fun puzzle game that brings joy to my soul.

You can find Moon ‘n’ Bloom on both and Steam for PC.

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