Mingle has you finding your match

Ever wonder what it would be like to find your perfect match and hang out with them? In Mingle, you will find yourself in a room full of different creatures, but you want to find your perfect match. Much like a party, they will move around, seemingly talk to each other, and then continue on their path.

You will need to find the create that looks like you, and then merge with them, becoming an entirely new creature that you then need to find. The room itself is really full, and everyone is the same stark white and black, so when they are near each other, it’s actually hard to see who is who. As you move around and combine with other creatures, however, you will find that the room starts to thin out.

Mingle is an interesting game, as it’s very simple in concept but feels satisfying to find your match and then poof yourselves into one creature. Everyone seems to be interesting in combining with you, as long as you are the same creature as them. You can quickly start to get rid of the majority of the characters in the room, until there are two of you left.

That’s when you can actually talk to your match, seeing if they want to hang out, in a cute little narrative cutscene in the game. After all that work, you have finally found your actual match and can mingle with them for a bit instead of combining and becoming something new.

The design of the creatures are what drew me into Mingle, and then the satisfying aspect of trying to clear the screen is what kept me playing, as I continued to go from one creature to the next, trying to finish the game. It’s interesting to play through, and a very short experience, that gets increasingly faster as you get through the game.


Mingle can be played in your browser, for free.

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