Midnight Girl

Midnight Girl has you escaping prison after a heist

Midnight Girl is a point and click adventure game full of puzzles, that is set in France, during the sixties. You play as an unremarkable girl, who has been caught after a heist, and now is in jail. During the course of the game, you can escape, solve puzzles, and continue onto bigger and better heists! The visuals themselves look unique and interesting, with lighting being a real key in many ways.

I got the chance to play a demo of Midnight Girl at Nordic Game earlier this year, where I started off with a partner in crime, in some sort of abandoned area, after your little train has crashed. This seems to be Chapter 6 of the game, so well into the story, which is why I am mentioning it now.

This demo showcased the main character and a side kick, who are trapped after their train has crashed. Traveling around room to room, you need to solve little puzzles and figure out how to escape. It is clear you have no fear, and instead are fine with getting explosives and blowing up walls, trying out buttons and switches, and otherwise ensuring that you are moving forward.

Midnight Girl, like most point and click games, has bits of story, mainly when the two characters talk to each other. Though I was not made aware of the heists I have previously committed or the fact that I was in jail, I knew I was doing some sort of crimes and that we were seeming to escape something. Midnight Girl looks really interesting, and that one chapter had quite a few challenging puzzles, interesting moments, and curious bits of story between the two characters featured.

Midnight Girl is scheduled to release in early 2023 and was featured in the Steam Next Fest – showing off the same chapter.

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