Meet me at Noon

Meet me at NooN is an adorable puzzle platformer

Meet me at NooN is a cute and clever puzzle platformer where you have a limited number of moves to get both your day and night character at their corresponding signs. These characters are adorable, but can only be moved when they are awake, making a very challenging game as you take on the movement depending on what time of day it is!

Within the game, there is a long bar at the bottom of the screen, showing what character you are moving when. This is essentially the main way you are going to decide how to move your characters around the screen. This time loops, which makes movement very interesting when it comes to switching between the characters. 

Meet me at Noon

In Meet me at Noon, when you move the first character; sun for example, when it becomes night, sun will do the reverse of the moves you have picked as you move the moon. This then allows you to use the other character as platforms or to help the secondary character reach a new area. Often there are stars to collect for more of a challenge, in case you are looking to 100 percent the game.

Though I have played games that have used similar mechanics, the fact that you need to get both characters to their place at the same time, and the design of the game itself, really does make Meet me at NooN a highlight. The characters fill up as they rest and run out of sand as they move. The levels have really cute backgrounds and features that highlight the world really well. 

Meet me at Noon

Meet me at NooN does have some tricky levels, and I found myself needing to restart often, as I tinkered around with which character needed to be at what space. Often I found myself unable to actually get the stars, which were a challenge in itself.

You can find Meet me at NooN on Steam.

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