Maggie the Magnet

Maggie the Magnet has you thinking before you move

Some platformers contain puzzle elements but do not feel directly like puzzle games. Maggie the Magnet is not the case, and you will find that movement is one of the greatest aspects of this puzzle game, forcing you to think and experiment before you are able to move onto the next level.

Maggie the Magnet is a puzzle platformer where you play as Maggie, an adorable magnet. You see, instead of moving from left to right as if she can walk, Maggie only goes towards the magnetic pull of a connected four magnets in the game. These magnets are often in one spot, pulling Maggie towards them at first. Over time, however, they start to have switches that allow them to move or are just moving on their own, around the room.

This magnet then forces you to plan when you move, making sure that you will fly towards whatever space you want to fly in. There are a bunch of bolts in the level, which can be collected to fully complete the game. Getting to the end of the level is as simple as throwing yourself into one of the lines at the end of the level, bringing you to the next bit.

Maggie the Magnet gets more challenging as you continue through, having harder puzzles to solve and dangers like spikes along the way. There are also secret levels, which can be found by crashing into walls, which take you to completely new areas. The game itself changes colors randomly, but secret levels are black and white, showing an entirely different world.

Maggie the Magnet

Maggie the Magnet is a really fun game, which has a lot of challenging in movement. I have not played a game previously that had this sort of movement mechanic, and combined with the cute graphics, it just makes for a fun time.

You can play Maggie the Magnet on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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