Loop: A Tranquil Puzzle Game

LOOP: A Tranquil Puzzle Game has you changing tiles around

Loop: A Tranquil Puzzle Game is a hexagon, tile based puzzle game where you are able to swap around tiles to finish a puzzle of ropes, that should all make a loop.

The game itself is relaxing, as the title says. There isn’t a timer or any hints for you to take on. No rush to complete anything or any sort of count of how many moves you have taken. As you continue through the levels in Loop, more colored strings get added to the puzzle, which does make it much more challenging. Some tiles then have abilities, where they cannot be moved of where they rotate instead of move to a new location.

To move around the different tiles in the game, you can click or tap to swap two tiles, anywhere on the screen they will switch with each other. Often, you will have to switch a tile with a tile that doesn’t directly go in that space, then continue switching around until the tiles are in their places. Most of the tiles on the screen only have one colored rope on them, but as levels get more complex, you will see tiles with several colors twisted around each other.

Loop: A Tranquil Puzzle Game

Loop: A Tranquil Puzzle Game does a great job of being relaxing, but having enough levels to keep you diving in for more. It’s a mindless puzzle game that you can do in your free time or when you want a bit of a challenge on the harder levels, but you can also exit and go back to your day to day life. I do like the sleekness of the graphic design – making the puzzles easy to see and understand, which does help with gameplay. It’s just a fun and relaxing little puzzler that takes very little time to learn.

Loop: A Tranquil Puzzle Game has a free demo for PC, as well as a full game out on PC, iOS and Android devices.

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