Logica Emotica

Logica Emotica has emoji-based puzzles

Logica Emotica is block pushing puzzle game with graphics completely made of emojis. This new game has been created by Bart Bonte, who is well known for his minimalistic puzzles that have little to no explanation, just allowing you to figure it out on your own.

Each level has one or more emojis that you can control, as well as some sort of end point for them. You can then swipe around to move these characters. Visually, it’s often clear to see which emoji you are likely moving, but figuring out how to move it and what to do is the real challenge here. Sometimes your controlled emojis need to get to a specific place or other times you will need to push something onto another emoji. A cat needs to push mice onto cheese, for example, while two dancing people need to get to their places on a stage.

Logica Emotica

In Logica Emotica does have so many different types of levels. When you just start thinking you know what is coming next, you will find it does change instead, keeping you on your toes. Suddenly, your movement emoji isn’t able to normally move, and instead leaves behind emojis that will fill up the screen. Another will suddenly need you to move around a pile of emojis, into a shape, to then push on to grey versions of the emojis themselves.

Logica Emotica is a free game on mobile, but it does have optional ads that can be watched, so that you can get a hint and know what to do next if you are struggling with the puzzle. This hint will then basically play the entire level for you, with you watching it be solved, then you need to copy the moves yourself to move on. Logica Emotica, despite being made with emojis, actually has a lot of cute aspects to it. When you finish a level, some of the background emojis will animate or change, as will the ones you are moving. It’s a cute touch! This puzzle game is simple in design, but can become so challenging as you get to deeper levels.

You can find Logica Emotica on Android, iOS and PC.

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