Little Things Remastered as so many hidden pictures

Little Things Remastered is a little hidden object puzzle game, that sees you looking around big images in hopes of finding little images inside of them. These massive images have different, simple colors, and the littler images inside of them are all colored as per the area of color that is in there. This makes finding some objects challenging!

Some levels want you to find a specific number of the same items, like finding four crabs or ten masks. Other levels have short lists. Some also have a timer that ticks down, wanting you to collect as many as you can find within that time.

As you complete levels, you will gain puzzle pieces, that can then be used to unlock more massive pictures to go through. Little Things Remastered is a simple game, that has many relaxing levels of just zooming in and looking around these large pictures, trying to find whatever you are looking for. I found some of the levels quite challenging, personally, as I do not know my dinosaurs (and there are a bunch of different dinosaurs in some levels, where it is only looking for a specific one.

Little Things Remastered

Little Things Remastered is a really interesting little puzzle game, as it can seem like such an easy to understand and play game, but when there is time ticking down or so many little objects to surf through. The ability to zoom in and zoom out helps quite a bit, but there is still a lot to look through! I found that with the objects being different colors to how they would be in the real world,

Little Things Remastered is a game for all ages, allowing children to work on reading skills and finding objects while providing a relaxing and fun experience for those who are older.

You can find Little Things Remastered on PC.

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