LEGO Bricktales

LEGO Bricktales takes you on a brick-building adventure

LEGO Bricktales is a puzzle-adventure game that takes the magical world of LEGO, allowing you to create and build, and adds in a story, challenging builds, and huge worlds!

Much like you’d expect from a world made of LEGO, everything around you is made of the colorful brick, giving you the opportunity to build yourself. You play as a young kid, who went to visit your inventory grandfather. However, some of his inventions have gone a bit wrong – with the power going out and a strange robot coming back from space. This robot acts as a helpful guide, however, leading you in helping your grandfather.

Solving puzzles in LEGO Bricktales is done through entering a build mode, which provides a grid and some sort of middle guide to help you figure out what you are doing. On the side is a pile of bricks, showing how many of each individual brick you have to build what you need. Some of these puzzles want you to follow a very specific design, showing you where these bricks go. Others are more free-form, having you create something that can then be tested by your robot buddy, before being put in the world.

LEGO Bricktales

There are plenty of things to build in LEGO Bricktales, from both of these categories, as well as lots of different worlds to explore. The story is captivating and interesting; you will be helping your grandfather bring his amusement park back to life, along with your robot friend Rusty.

Many of the worlds feel magical and interesting, with so many small details and beautiful animations within this LEGO brick world. There are also plenty of hidden areas and secrets to find.

LEGO Bricktales is out on October 12th, with a free demo that was apart of the Steam Next Fest.

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