Lab Crisis

Lab Crisis has you tying up scientists to help them escape

Something bad has happened in the science lab, and now scientists are stuck inside. Being an un-destroyable robot, you are just the being to get in there and help rescue them! In each level of Lab Crisis, you need to move around the level, creating a snake of scientists that follow you, and take them to the door.

At first, this is fairly simple. There aren’t ways to get stuck, as you can walk by over your “tail” in the game, and you can overlap whenever you want. There are sometimes little key cards that need to be collected in order to go into specific doors, but otherwise, getting these scientists out are a piece of cake. Then, suddenly, there are monsters.

The monsters in Lab Crisis come in three different colors, all with different movements. One moves every time you move, all the way around the perimeter that they are currently working through. This is a pretty easy to understand, you just need to see their route. The other two monsters either move vertically or horizontally, depending on the little arrows coming out of them. The latter two also only move when you or any of the scientists on your chain are in line with them.

This then adds a lot of planning to when you need to move and to where you need to lure the monsters so you can make it by. You are able to block some of the monsters line of sight with other monsters, as well as use openings in the floor (which open on a timer) to get rid of the monsters completely.

Lab Crisis

When it comes to puzzle games, Lab Crisis isn’t a super challenging one. If you due, you are not fully reset – you are just brought back to spawn and whatever you’ve done so far is still done. If you want, you can go to the end door at any time, to hand in a portion of the scientists on the level. Often keeping your chain short makes the levels extremely easy. With that said, the ending of Lab Crisis does feel quick and without any sort of achievement; suddenly the game just says thank you for saving everyone. Many of the levels are pretty interesting, and I do like the world, I just wish there was more story and challenge!

You can purchase Lab Crisis on Xbox and PC (though the Windows Store).

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