Jigsaw Puzzle Dreams game, showing a massive table of puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzle Dreams allows you to build digital puzzles with friends

Building puzzles is something that has been around for quite some time. I remember there being a bunch of puzzles in my great grandmother’s home, in my grandmother’s home, and in my house growing up. Often when putting together puzzles, others in your home will see the puzzle and help you or take a look, so the concept of Jigsaw Puzzle Dreams really does make sense to me!

Jigsaw Puzzle Dreams is a multiplayer puzzle game where you are putting together a massive puzzle on a table in the middle of the room. You can invite friends or play with strangers, working together to put together these puzzles, taking as much time as you need. This game captures the feeling of building a puzzle around a table in a busy house; though you do know for a fact that there isn’t a missing piece in this game!

Jigsaw Puzzle Dreams at a table, with an organized bunch of pieces.

You can pick from a large number of puzzles before entering into a room. This room does look like a real room that could be in someone’s home, and you can even spend the time actually designing the rooms themselves as well. These puzzles are cut differently each time you play, if you pick traditional puzzle pieces. You can also decide to cut the puzzle into simple cubes, so that you can then put together the puzzle base on the picture instead of on the shape of the pieces as well.

Jigsaw Puzzle Dreams feels very relaxing and fun to play through. The graphics are super polished, the various puzzles come in so many different designs, it’s just such a fun game if you are looking to put together puzzles! And you do not have to worry about where you are going to store the puzzle when you take breaks either.

Jigsaw Puzzle Dreams is free on Steam, and the game has a bunch of paid DLC that can add more content.

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