Inbox Unbox

Inbox Unbox has lots of micro worlds

Inbox Unbox is a block pusher with a twist. In this simple world, where you play as a mouse who is currently trying to make it to the end of the level, there are more block pushing maps inside your main block pushing map, which you need to use to get through to other areas of the main world! 

The idea of Inbox Unbox might sound confusing, but it’s not once you start playing. You see, there is the main level that you enter at first, as well as colored cubes that represent more block pushing puzzles for you to get into, inside of your main puzzle. You can go quite deep, shrinking more and more, as you go through these puzzles. If there isn’t an entrance on the side of the mini-map that you are on, you can actually move this micro world.

Inbox Unbox

Boxes can be moved into these little worlds as well, and move out, through the various exits. This adds so many possibilities and so much detail and depth to a simple block pushing game. Suddenly, you will find yourself squinting at smaller boxes, wondering if there are any more tiny levels inside of them. If you have any micro levels inside your main level that are the same color, you will actually be moving a second version of yourself through this micro level, in tandem to yours.  

This is helpful in a lot of the puzzles, as you are able to use the various versions if yourself to move blocks around in other of the same mico-worlds, which can then clear out entrances or make new paths for you. It’s just a whole experience!

Inbox Unbox has a lot of great little details. As you walk around, little mouse footprints will appear, and the floor will get very dirty if you keep walking through it! You also do have an undo and restart button, which can be very useful for the more complex levels.

Inbox Unbox is currently set to release this year, with a free demo playable on Steam.

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