Inbento see you creating perfect lunches

When it comes to putting together a perfect box of sushi, you can’t get much more coloful and cute than Inbento. In this food themed puzzle game, you need to create various perfect lunch boxes, while seeing stories about a young family of cats, who grow as you craft your various boxes.

Each level in Inbento has a box in the corner that you are looking to copy in your current box. Sometimes your lunch box will have ingredients already in it, and you will need to place pieces from the table into the box to match the goal in the corner. All of the ingredients take an individual square each, but the way that they are connected to each other can really make a difference in how you place them and where they need to go.

You can rotate the various pieces in your hand, as well as move back a step if you make a mistake, but there is still a challenge in the game, especially as you continue onto new chapters in the game. I ended up flying through the first chapter, but soon Inbento introduced pieces that you can use to swap tiles or move tiles, so that they all move forward. You can stack tiles on top of each other, but using the ones that push can leave blank spaces in your lunch box which must be filled.


Between chapters in Inbento, you are presented with drawings of a family, growing up, having heartwarming interactions. It’s a cute bit of story to showcase the change of worlds, which will then introduce new mechanics and levels into the game. I found Inbento to be challenging, but pretty relaxing at the same time, as I just continued to fill up the lunch box in a perfect matter.

You can find Inbento on Xbox, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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