In The Dark brings light puzzles to GameBoy

People are still making GameBoy games, which sometimes comes as a surprise to others! Sometimes, these games even come as puzzle focused games. In the Dark is a challenging, GameBoy puzzle game with loads of different puzzles for you to figure out, as well as a captivating backstory.

You were looking to investigate an unidentified distress signal from a ship that was orbetting a basically deserted planet. There was no sign of life on this ship when you went near it, to scan it. So, you decided to dock and then board the ship – however, this was actually a trap. Now, you are stuck in a locked ship, looking to turn off all of the lights on each monitor. 

These lights are in a three by three grid. If you select the middle most light, it changes that light, as well as the light on top, on bottom, on the left and on the right, in a sort of plus shape. You need to keep this logic in mind whenever you select a different light to trigger. As you are trying to get them all off, it may take some playing around with it.

 In the Dark

Luckily, In the Dark does not have a limit on the moves you can make. It does, however, let you know how many moves you have made and how many were unneeded. If you do happen to get the puzzle solved in the least amount of moves possible, it does tell you that you have done a perfect job! If you do a great job of clearing through the level, you can actually unlock different color palette variants, which could be really fun if you like to collect all of the different colors. 

In the Dark it is a simple, pure puzzle game that has enough puzzles to keep you playing and racking your brain for a good amount of time. And, if you are into GameBoy Roms, this game will run on one. 

Into the Dark has a free demo on, as well as available for purchase.

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