How to say goodbye

How to Say Goodbye is meaningful and heartwarming

Sometimes, games take on tough topics, exploring things that may not feel comfortable to everyone. How to Say Goodbye is a narrative driven puzzle game that is themed around the concept of death and moving on after someone has passed.

You start off in a world where you have died, and have been transported to somewhere else. It’s a really interesting world, with tiles that can be moved around, but they work like a road, almost, moving all of the tiles in that direction on that route, in whatever direction you are moving. I know it sounds complex, but once you’ve done it, you’ll understand completely. You’ll be looking to make your way to a door at the end of the level.

How to say goodbye

At first, How to Say Goodbye is pretty easy. There are plenty of little puzzles to get used to movement and new mechanics that are introduced into the game. You will need to move your character around, collect keys, open more paths, and wind up windmills to lower platforms. Around you, however, you will start to notice Spleens.

Spleens are bad thoughts, ghosts stuck in this world only looking to cause misery. They want you to stay here, instead of continuing through. It’s a challenge, as your life has just changed drastically, but soon, you will have some help through. How to Say Goodbye is a really lovely, heartwarming puzzle game with so much meaning behind what you are doing. The puzzles themselves feel really sleek and well designed too, giving you moments to solve, before being presented with more of a story to consume. 

How to Say Goodbye is coming out this year! You can wishlist the game on Steam and even play a short demo, which will give you a good taste of what this beautifully written game is all about. How to Say Goodbye also has playtests, currently going on, listed on their Steam Page.

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