House Painter

House Painter is a relaxing, house painting puzzler

I am not sure why we are painting houses bright colors with a sponge in House Painter, but I can tell you that I keep painting them, as it’s so fun to see them change color!

House Painter

In House Painter, you start off with a house that has a lot of white on it’s walls. You will want to change this color to be whatever color your sponge already is, by choosing a direction to move your sponge. You see, your sponge will continue to move until it hits the end of the house or another object. There are lots of objects in the way; windows, vents, electricity boxes. 

You can use these different items to change the direction you are moving, by hitting them to stop, so you can cover the entire house in as few moves as possible. Each house has more than one wall for you to paint, flipping the home and generating the next wall before you can start. Once you have finished a side an entire home, you will be given some money that you can spend on your town!

Your town has lots of slots for different houses, which can be purchased and upgraded. There doesn’t seem to be any in-game bonus for this, and instead is just a fun way to spend your earned money. House Painter does a great job of making painting your home and building your town feel satisfying – and you can also trial and error some house painting, without having a lot of repercussions. It’s a pretty fun little puzzle game that you can end up playing for far longer than you mean too! The colors of the houses are super bright too, which can appeal to children and adults alike, which is very fun.

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