Hexologic showcases stunning mathmatical puzzles

Hexologic is a really beautiful yet simplistic in concept puzzle game about ensuring that hexagon tiles have the right number of dots in them. This might sound like a really easy thing to do, but as these maps get larger, the challenge becomes greater!

Within the map, you will see little triangle tabs, which have a number in them. These taps showcase a sort of line; all of the hexagons leading to that triangle. You will need to use those hexagon tiles to create the number on the triangle. Each of the tiles need at least one dot in them, and you can select them to add more dots. When you have hit the number on the triangle, it highlights in green.

The challenge in Hexologic comes when lines of hexagons actually cross over, requiring specific numbers to be in these overlapping hexagons, so that the end triangles can actually hit the right number. As you get deeper into the game, you end up with more and more of these puzzles. Over time, puzzles start to have greater than, less than, and equal sizes within them, further requiring additional thinking. Some have tiles that are mirrored, so if you fill in that colored tile, all of the same ones end up with the same number. A few have numbers locked in place.


You can see, in the deeper levels, what numbers and symbols you can place in tiles, displayed in the upper right hand side of the screen, which can help you figure out what you are doing. Hexalogic isn’t just full of lovely puzzles, the background to these are colorful and have different, fantasy looks. You will go through the ocean, through castles, and make your way around this world. Having these sort of backgrounds is a very nice touch, and brings the puzzles to a whole new level.

Hexologic can be found on Android, iOS, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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