Heart Workshop

Heart Workshop shows hearts full of lasers

Hearts are a complex part of the body; one that symbolizes emotion and has been used in lots of different media to mean many things. Your heart can represent love, it can go hard to show hatred, and in Heart Workshop, your heart is actually full of lasers. 

Yep, that’s right. Lasers. Everyone’s heart is full of lasers actually. In Heart Workshop, it’s your job to fix hearts. People come into your shop, looking content and happy, but have broken hearts that need adjustment. Some of these customers don’t seem to completely understand what happened to their heart either. 

Heart Workshop

You can fix hearts by moving around different sections of them. There are different layers that need to be moved around, so that these lasers then connect with outbound items. This is often a challenge, especially if the person’s heart is really broken or has many lasers. Some lasers can block off others, sometimes walls can block them, and often there is only one solution for each of the layers, to actually make it.

Heart Workshop is a lovely game, with messaging around the fact that people may seem happy, but you don’t understand what is currently going on in their hearts. They may have broken hearts and just need a little help to get fixed. The puzzles, though simplistic in concept, are challenging and feel very rewarding when you have finished them and fixed the person that you are trying to help.

This game was originally made for a game jam and seems to have been continued in development and now released for free. It’s well worth checking out, especially if you are a fan of cute graphics and fun puzzles to take on, all while helping someone.

Heart Workshop can be found on itch.io.

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